Jordon Smith vs. Mungo Park

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By 24, Mungo Park and Jordon Smith had accomplished ...

Reached interior of West Africa
Mungo park
Reached Exotic California & Alabama
Mungo Park
At 24 Mungo Park, a young Scottish doctor, became the first European to reach the interior of West Africa. In 1795, aged 22, Mungo – who had never traveled much outside of Scotland - popped over to Sumatra in Indonesia where he discovered eight new species of fish, just like any regular 22 year old does. It was at 24, however, that he was to really make his name. Despite having never seen an episode of Man vs. Wild, Mungo trekked through man-eating jungle and the desert kingdom of Kaarta, was held captive by local tribesmen for four months and escaped to discover the long sought Niger river at Segou on July 21s 1796. Puts that 'exotic' trip to Cabo or Ibiza in perspective a little bit doesn't it?