Andrey Dolgachev vs. Rudyard Kipling

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By 41, Rudyard Kipling and Andrey Dolgachev had accomplished ...

Youngest Nobel Laureate for literature
Rudyard kipling
Youngest Koala Bear Lover
Rudyard Kipling
At 41, Rudyard Kipling became the highest-paid writer in the world. Abandoned by his parents at 6 years old and tortured as a child by his foster carers, Kipling went on to win the Nobel prize for literature in 1907 - the youngest recipient ever - and at his funeral in 1936 his coffin was carried by a prime minister, an admiral, a general, and the head of a Cambridge college. So next time you're crafting that perfectly worded Facebook post, consider Kipling who took the same words and turned them in to cold hard cash and a literary legacy.