Helen Jane Campbell vs. Marie Curie

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By 37, Marie Curie and Helen Jane Campbell had accomplished ...

First woman to win Nobel Prize
Marie curie
First woman to win Tunnock's Teacake for coming third in Lord Clyde pub quiz
Marie Curie
At 36, Marie Curie became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize for discovering radioactivity. Unlike bullshit comic book heroes whose first encounter with radiation usually turns them in to brooding, super-strong douchebags, Curie's discovery led to a life of dedication and selfless giving. She donated nearly all of her prize money and refused to patent her discoveries so they could benefit mankind. She went on to win a second Nobel in 1911 for the discovery of radium. Sadly, the closest you will come to a radiation discovery is when you accidentally overcook your kids' Hot Pockets in the microwave.