Bandini Mull vs. Charles Dickens

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By 37, Charles Dickens and Bandini Mull had accomplished ...

Wrote David Copperfield
Charles dickens
Wrote "Dan wuz here" on over 600 bathroom walls.
Charles Dickens
At 37, Charles Dickens published his 8th novel, David Copperfield: a semi-autobiographical work which mirrored his own rise from ass-sucking poverty to the heights of literary and commercial success. Sent to work at a shoe polish factory at 10 years old, Dickens went on to become so rich and famous he made J.K. Rowling look like a college newspaper editor. An online-college newspaper editor. Before his death, Dickens wrote 14 novels, hundreds of short stories and essays and conducted several massively successful reading tours through the UK and US. Think about that while you sit down to write that novel you've been trying to start for the past 15 years.