Sophie Burgess vs. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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By 20, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Sophie Burgess had accomplished ...

Prolific Poet & Feminist Crusader
Elizabeth barrett browning
being friends with me. lol
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
When she was 20, Elizabeth Barrett Browning published her first volume of poetry which dealt with her passion for Byron and Greek politics. Despite suffering from anorexia, tuberculosis; scoliosis, opium addiction; anxiety and agoraphobia she wrote over 20 volumes of poetry, and was a candidate for poet laureate. She kept company with likes of Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Coleridge. Her final work, Aurora Leigh, which is considered an early feminist manifesto, portrays the male domination of a woman - so when you’re masturbating to Fifty Shades of Grey with that guy you met on Craigslist, remember you just set women back 157 years.