Rachael Spillard vs. Elizabeth Blackwell

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By 28, Elizabeth Blackwell and Rachael Spillard had accomplished ...

First female Physician in US
Elizabeth blackwell
First Female Head of San Francisco High school Science department!
Elizabeth Blackwell
At 28, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first doctor with lady-parts in the USA, paving the way for generations of successful female physicians. In 1857 she founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children which was expanded in 1868 to include the first college for the training of female doctors. Barely ten years later, Blackwell went on to help establish the London School of Medicine for Women where she became professor of gynecology. Basically if she had kept on going instead of dying at 89 in 1910 she may have become the first woman to fly the Atlantic and the first female president, she was that committed a feminist. I'm sure she'd be so proud to see you dress as a slutty nurse this Halloween.