Justin Bieber vs. Arthur Rimbaud

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By 19, Arthur Rimbaud and Justin Bieber had accomplished ...

Retired at 19
Arthur rimbaud
Only just beginning to ruin your life
Justin bieber
Arthur Rimbaud
At 19 years old Arthur Rimbaud, widely regarded as one of the greatest poets and writers of the 19th Century decided to GIVE UP writing. That’s right: 19 is where he decided to stop. From 20 onward he traveled the world as a soldier, vagabond and gun-runner. Despite never writing again, Rimbaud basically invented the modernist movement and influenced three generations of writers, artists and performers. Picasso, Ginsberg and both Morrisons (Van & Jim) all claim to have been influenced by Rimbaud’s poetry and life. Not bad for a career that started at 16 and lasted 3 years.